In Pennsylvania, a crime committed by a juvenile (someone under 18) can have a serious impact on a child's future. A criminal adjudication (which is the legal term for a juvenile conviction) can land a child on probation, in an after-school disciplinary program, or even in a long-term juvenile delinquency facility. Worse yet, a juvenile record can significantly affect a child's future educational and employment opportunities. Don't let youthful indiscretion ruin your child's future. If your child has been charged with a crime, call or text (412) 589-9422 to speak to an experienced Pittsburgh Juvenile Attorney at Bishop Law immediately. We will relentlessly defend your child's constitutional rights and fight to have the case dismissed.

How We Provide a Strong Defense

For most first-time offenders, we will negotiate for a consent decree, which is a legal mechanism available to children who have never been in trouble before. Under the terms of a consent decree, your child is placed on a short period of probationary supervision. Upon successful completion of that period of supervision, all charges are dismissed. If a consent decree is not an option for your child, we will prepare the case for trial. At Bishop Law, we start by sitting down with your child and getting their side of the story. After that, we begin our own investigation. The investigator assigned to your case will interview and subpoena any potential witnesses and collect any relevant physical or documentary evidence, including video surveillance. After that, if the District Attorney's Office isn't prepared to drop or drastically reduce the charges, your skilled Pittsburgh Juvenile Lawyer from Bishop Law will aggressively litigate the case to verdict.

Remember, just because your child has been charged with a crime does not mean they have to be convicted. At Bishop Law, our number one goal is to get your child's case dismissed.

We Defend Juveniles Charged as Adults

In Pennsylvania, if a juvenile is accused of committing a violent crime with a deadly weapon, they can be charged in adult court, where the potential penalties are much more severe than juvenile court. 

If your child has been charged as an adult, it is extremely important that you speak to an experienced Pittsburgh Criminal Defense Lawyer as soon as possible. Occasionally, these cases can be resolved at a preliminary hearing with an agreement to send the case to juvenile court. However, if the case is not resolved and proceeds past the preliminary hearing, your attorney must quickly file numerous motions in the Court of Common Pleas to ensure that your child receives a timely decertification hearing. At a decertification hearing, a psychological expert retained by your attorney will testify as to why juvenile court is the more appropriate venue for your child's case. Based on that testimony, the presiding Court of Common Pleas judge will then rule whether your child's case will be transferred to juvenile court or be prosecuted in adult court. Needless to say, it is a ruling that could significantly affect the trajectory of your child's future.

At Bishop Law, we have represented many children charged as adults and will fight to keep your child's case in juvenile court. If your child has been charged as an adult, you can't afford to wait to contact an attorney. Call or text (412) 589-9422 to speak to an experienced Pittsburgh Juvenile Crime Attorney at Bishop Law immediately.